Jeunesse Anti-Aging Cream Review

Over your life, you are going to experience wrinkles on your face and over your body. It is a part of aging. Wrinkles occur as the skin gets drier, thinner and less elastic. Other factors that influence wrinkles are related to lifestyle and environment. Smoking, sun damage and dehydration can all cause wrinkles over time. Genetics can also play a role in determining how fast your face and body begins to show signs of wrinkles.  

However, there are ways to stop the inevitable sag. Currently, some treatments include Botox, laser therapy and fillers. Botox involves injecting botulinum toxin type A, known as botox. This blocks the chemical signals for the muscles to contract. This prevents wrinkles. Fillers are injected into the skin to flatten out the appearance. Laser therapy involves treatment by lasers to increase collagen, the elasticity of the skin.

Although, now on the market, there is a new treatment that can treat the facial sag known as wrinkles. Jeunesse anti-aging cream from Jeunesse global is a treatment to help wrinkles. The company Jeunesse global was created in 2008. In this review for Jeunesse anti-aging cream, we will explain how it works and the ingredients. We will explain any dangers and how to use it.  


Jeunesse anti-aging cream contains sodium silicate and magnesium silicate. It also contains acetyl hexapeptide-3 or Argireline, the main active ingredient. It also contains iron oxide, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexylglycerin. Now let’s take a closer look at these ingredients and what they do in anti-aging cream.

Sodium silicate is common in makeup products and is an inorganic salt. Its main purpose is ph balance and protection against corrosion from the packaging. It is very safe for humans to use but it may cause mild epidermis irradiation. 

Magnesium silicate is also common in skin related products and is generally used as a thickener. It is a natural mineral and as such, it is safe for humans. Magnesium silicate is collection from clay deposits.

Iron oxide has been used in cosmetics for hundreds of years. Iron oxides are non-toxic to humans, therefore, they are desirable for use in products.  

Phenoxyethanol is generally present as a preservative however it also a works like an antiseptic, disinfectant or antibiotic. Phenoxyethanol can cause mild irritation.

Ethylhexylglycerin is a skin conditioner and can act as a deodorising agent. Excessive consumption may result in dermatitis although it is generally considered safe to use.

Argireline is the key active ingredient in Jeunesse anti-aging cream. There are numerous claims to what it is capable of. It is claimed to relax the muscles on the face and prevent the contracting to prevent wrinkles to form. It is also stated it can block the neurotransmitters that cause the face to contract. Currently, there is research being done to determine if Jeunesse anti-aging cream is safe to use. In particular in regards to prolonged exposure to Argireline.

How does it work? 

The ingredients of the cream are the causes for the results. The Argireline can relax the muscles and prevent them contracting. This produces a botox like effect without injections. The other ingredients also can help to improve the elasticity of the skin. This helps the muscles in the face spring back into place quickly. This means the effect of wrinkles is decreased.  

Jeunesse anti-aging cream can visibly diminish the appearance of wrinkles, and it actually lives up to expectations. It can also erase dark circles and puffiness under eyes. It can even the skin texture by minimizing the appearance of pores and mattes the skin. A major pro of Jeunesse anti aging cream is the price. It is much cheaper than Botox treatments, and you can apply it yourself. It is also fast acting and there is a money back guarantee.

The Dangers

Currently, Jeunesse anti-aging cream is deemed safe to use. However, there is limited research into the ongoing effect of Argireline and therefore there could be unknown side effects. People who have allergies to other skin products would be wise to steer clear of Jeunesse anti-aging cream however if you are not afflicted by these it is generally seen to be safe.

How to apply it

The accepted way to apply the cream is to clean your face with a good facial cleanser and then warm water. Then dry your face or the application area. The cream can be applied in very small amounts, around the size of a pea. It is then best to spread it evenly over the face, a thin layer is best. For best results keep the face expressionless while undergoing the application and remain still for a minute after.

Overall, Jeunesse anti-aging cream seems like a solid product. It is a great, cheap alternative to botox and other treatments. However, it is not 100% natural so if you are looking for an organic product it would be best to look elsewhere. Despite this, the results speak for themselves. The cream consistently works and there are no bad side effects known.