Foods to Throw Out During the Keto Diet

When you kick off on a diet, it’s important to know what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat. Otherwise, it isn’t a diet. This also applies to the ketogenic diet.

If at all you want to stay in Ketosis state, It Works Keto will help you to know the right and the wrong diet,.The main aim of this post is talking about various foods to avoid during ketosis since if you aren’t prepared, it’s easy to mess up and roll out your body out of ketosis.

Foods Not to Eat During Keto

One more interesting thing concerning keto is that much of your cravings begin to disappear. When you give the first sight to the food you can’t eat, your first thought may be, and no way am I going to give up on that.

However, during your ketosis period, you understand that many of what you craved was as a result of carbohydrates in them.

Here are the foods you should never eat during a keto diet.

Any foods with added sugar

Avoid sugary foods as they result is rising of blood sugar; this is because insulin spikes usually stimulate your appetite thus kicking you out of ketosis.

All Grains

Including whole meal (oats, corn, wheat, millet, barley, rye, bulgur, rice, sorghum, buckwheat, etc), white potatoes and quinoa. These include any type of product made from grains, sugar and sweet.

Factory Farmed Pork and Fish

These foods (Factory framed pork and fish) has a high component of inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. Other components found in farmed fish are PCBs. Keep off from fish which are high in mercury.

Processed Foods

Processed foods have carrageenan (e.g. almond milk-product), MSG (e.g. in most protein products), sulfites (e.g. in gelatin as well as dried fruits.), whet, gluten among others.

Artificial Sweeteners

Among these sweeteners include Equal, Splenda, sucralose, among others. These sweeteners may result in craving and have largely been linked to various health issues like migraines.

Redefined Fats/Oils

Among redefined fats and oils that you should avoid like ebora are a sunflower, canola, grapeseed, corn oil as well as cottonseed.


You should not consume large amount of both raw and fat milk. Milk isn’t recommended for various reasons. Topping the dairy products, milk isn’t easy to digest since it has a deficiency of good bacteria and may also contain hormones.

Secondary, milk is high in carbs. For both coffee and tea, use cream to replace milk in certain reasonable amounts.

You may have a little amount of milk but keep in mind about extra carbs. Finally, some farmers used hormones to inject their dairy cows in order to increase milk production.

Alcoholic, Sweet Drinks

Keep off from drinking beer, sweet wine as well as cocktails among others. Try consuming low crab drinks and cocktails.

Tropical Fruit

Some fruits such as mango, pineapple, papaya as well as banana and other high carb fruits like grapes and tangerine should be avoided. Also on the list are fruit juices. Juices contain sugary components making them not suitable to drink during a keto diet.

Avoid Soy Products

Apart from few non-GMO products which are known due to their health benefits, keep off from wheat gluten which can be used in foods with low carbs. When you opt to give up bread, you should not eat any part of it.

Beware of the existence of BPA- lined cans. Possibly, use natural free-BPA packaging like glass-jars or make –my own ingredients like ketchup, ghee, coconut milk etc. BPA is associated with various negative effects like impaired thyroid function and cancer.


Other than peanuts, most legumes (chickpeas, peanuts, beans est.) have high components of carbs and should be completely avoided. Other than their high carb content, they also contain lectins as well as phytates which hardens their digestion process. Also, they are linked to the linked gut syndrome.
The above-discussed foods are among those you should never eat during a keto diet. They will completely roll you out of ketosis if consumed during this period. Make sure you avoid all these diets to remain in the path.

These foods consist high components of carbs thus making them inappropriate for consumptions during the ketosis. At It Works Keto you’ll get a step by step assistance to help you maintain the keto diet visit us at and all your needs will be properly taken care of.

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