The pros and cons of using shower gel

Many people use shower gels today. In simple words, a shower gel is an emulsion of water and detergent with a little fragrance added to it. The main use of the shower gel is to cleanse the skin and add some fragrance to the body. A shower gel and a body wash are pretty the same thing. This is because they are both a mixture of a detergent base and water and their main function is to cleanse the skin. However, a slight difference between the two is that body washes provide more hydration to the body in comparison to shower gels. Many people have opted for shower gels and body washes. This is because unlike soaps, they do not leave any scum behind in the bathroom. This ensures that cleaning the bathroom is much easier when you are using gels and body washes in comparison to soaps.

Shower gel skin care

There are different brands of shower gels in the market today that you can use. Choosing a shower gel to use should not only be based on the fragrance. There are several factors you should consider such as;

The ingredients

Some of the ingredients you should look out for include glycerin, moisturizing agents, shea butter and exfoliating agents. These ingredients are the ones responsible for the ability of the gel to moisturize the skin. Their quantities in the gel are the ones that will determine the gel that will be the best for you to use to moisturize you skin.

Your skin

Some people have skin that is more sensitive than others’. Before you buy a gel, it is important to ensure that you know what type of skin you have. If you experience breakouts, then you should opt for the natural shower gels.

Shower gel bad for skin

Even with the ability of shower gels to moisturize your skin, some shower gels may be harmful to your skin. Some of the chemicals that can make shower gels bad for skin include the following;


Despite these chemicals being very toxic to your skin, they are used in the making of shower gels and been hand sanitizers. Shower gels that contain these chemicals may have very adverse effects on the skin. Some of the things it can cause for your skin include irritation, cancer and even disruption of hormones.


This is also another ingredient that can be found in many reams and shower gels. However, it makes them dangerous for the skin because it causes hormonal imbalance. Some of the complications that occur from this include infertility, increased risk of cancer, increased fat deposition and increased risk of breast tumors.

Shower gel cons

Some of the disadvantages of using shower gels include the following;

  • Most of them are quite expensive. They cannot therefore be used by everyone on a regular basis. It may also be considered a waste of money to buy a shower gel which is very expensive and it performs almost the same functions as any other soap.
  • Most of the shower gel are packed with many chemicals. Like the chemicals listed above, some of the chemicals used in the making of shower gels may be dangerous to the skin. This is why some people’s skin react when they use certain shower gels. The effect of these shower gels is not only on the skin, it could lead to very adverse side effects like cancer and infertility.
  • They are wasteful. Unlike soaps, it is easy to waste the shower gels because in the process of squirting the gel on your hand, a lot of it pours of the floor and gets wasted. The bottles of many shower gels are also quite difficult to balance and this can lead to spills in the bathroom.


The use of shower gels began in the 19t century, and the use has continued to spread among many people today. There are many people who have fully adopted the use of shower gels in place of soaps. This is because they are more moisturizing and leave less dirt in the bathroom. However, what many people do not know is that some of these shower gels have chemicals that may have very adverse side effects to the body. Besides causing irritation on the skin, they can also cause infertility and increase the risk of cancer in the body. Before buying a shower gel, check the ingredients carefully and the gels with natural ingredients are the most recommended.